Boksitogorsk Silicate Plant


Boksitogorsk Silicate Plant (BSP) was engineered and built in 2014 - 2015 in industrial area of Boksitogorsk city, plant's territory is over 5 hectares. The start of first set was in May 2015.

Various silicates – natrium and kalium silicates in liquid and dry states – are the main output products of our plant are

Our customers are business vehicles of Gazprom Energoholding corporation, electrode plants, flagships of Russian metal industry, fertilizer manufacturing chemical groups. BSP is a new manufacturing unit equipped with ultramodern European facilities and we are using the most innovative technologies.

Second and thirds sets of manufacturing are planned in 2016-2017, along with them BSP is planning to make a dent in unemployment in Boksitogorsk municipal district while creating several hundreds of working positions and over the time to become a town-forming enterprise of the area as now BSP is expected to be one of the biggest tax generator of the region. Within a strategy of import substitution, being carried under the authority of Russian Federation, BSP aims at reduce of silicate export more than twice, what will lead to the rise of GDP of Russia more than billion rubles a year.

Tight control over the observance of production technology and product quality allows us to compete with foreign producers and, therefore, to develop export potential  Boksitogorsk area. The choice of Boksitogorsk was not accidental for the  plant placement. Organization of production of silica in Boksitogorsk was held within the regional target program for the development of the north-eastern area of the Leningrad region.

In union with the administration of Boksitogorsk municipal district  BSP aims to improve the living standards of inhabitants of Boksitogorsk district and adjacent areas, to work for a healthy lifestyle and use of modern technologies and intellectual property.

Environment and nature protectionquestions were also important for us while  designing and starting-up of the plant, given the difficult ecological situation in the region.  We are only using materials that have passed environmental review in the current production lines. All the systems are equipped with sensors to ensure the production of the gas leakage control and hazardous waste andworking stations are provided with radiometric and dosimetric instruments. During the plant construction one of our essential aims was not to ruin the balance of the northern nature and make a highly efficient modern plant in harmony with it. We have carried out the full range of operations to obtain a certificate of environmental safety for its products.

The main value and pride of our company are people. Developed in collaboration with the department of silicate technology of Leningrad State University of Technology, our research group is working at the intersection of science and industry to achieve the highest level of quality of the final product, to make it equal to the world analogues and even higher. Rational personnel policy allows employees of BSP to look optimistically to the future. At the end of 2015 BSPmanagement will be certified with ISO 9001: 2008 certificate, which will allow us to carry on businessaccording to the international standards and improve the discipline and responsibility among the staff. The annual career development system will allow the employees of BSP to go to the higher levels of specialization in growing company. Working with the higher and secondary technical educational institutions of Boksitogorsk and Tikhvin areas will solve the problem of employment of the best graduates by profession,on their native land for a decent wage.

Management of BSP and administration of Boksitogorsk district believe that together we could return prosperity to our land.


Director Valentina Sartakova.