Boksitogorsk Silicate Plant

Import substitution

According to the list of additional measures No PR-1159 dd 14.05.2014 made by Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev for focusing on stimulating economic growth, a global replacement program was launched for manufacturing industry and agriculture in the autumn 2014. In February 2015 MIT has worked out 18 industry-specific plans for import substitution. The Ministry of Industry and Trade established the Fund to support enterprises involved in innovation projects and import substitution. BSP construction was also a part of this supporting program.

According to the statistics of foreign trade activities of the Russian Federation for 2013, there were delivered about 1500 tons of potassium silicate, totaling about 50 million rubles, and about 6,300 tons of sodium silicate, totaling about 250 million rubles from Finland, Germany, Korea, Poland, Sweden, etc. to the Russian Federation. This statistic doesn't include deliveries from Ukraine and Belarus, what totalled about 44 000 tons according to Railway Base, which is 25% of the total market production of silicates in Russia shipped by railway transport. Rely upon this data we could suggest that after gaining estimated capacity of output by BSP, the manufacturing of Russian silicates in Boksitogorsk could be up to billion rubles a year only due to import substitution. One of the manufacturing sets of BSP was designed exclusively for metasilicates manufacturing as there is no other manufacturer of this type of silicates in Russia at the moment and the whole amount is delivered from abroad.

Thus, the activities and development of BSP with the support of the administration of Boksitogorsk area follow the logic and programs of the Government and the President of the Russian Federation.


European quality

There was a strict system of government control of production quality in Soviet Union, government norms and standards were developed and these standards regulated the quality requirements for the different industries. However, this control system did not take into account changing technologies, modern materials and the specific requirements of the end user. Over time, the standards of the USSR ceased to meet the expectations of the market. European quality standards require more strict control at all stages of the production process.

BSP aim is European quality product, strict control on the stage of raw materials' acceptance, raw materials' enrichment to obtain a final product of higher quality, strict adherence to manufacturing technology. The most modern gas equipment allows to observe the correct temperature. Factory Laboratory Quality Department is responsible for monitoring the quality of manufactured products. The high quality of the final product is one of the main objectives of the BSP. The plant was designed with contemplation of silicates dispatch to Baltic and Scandinavian countries.


Social responsiveness

Power structures and business are sociogenetic. Society purposfully forms power structures. Business is responsible before society and power structures for fulfilling own functions. Power structures have to act in the best interest of the nation. Business is based on private interests that could or could not coincide with the interests of the nation, but on a global basis powers structures' and business' interests have similar routs. Business is impossible without financially reliable public and power structures are also interested in rise of income of the people as it is easier to govern socially well-situated community. Social well-being depends on economic situation.

Considering this, BSP is aware of the importance of punctual fulfilment of obligations before the employees. BSP's aim is to make salaries of it's employees higher than average in the region. BSP is interested in mutually benefitional cooperation with the Boksitogorsk municipal area administration. BSP takes part in cultural and social programs of the city on continuing basis. We are supporting rebirth of the Metallurg FC, as only sport development could distract the youth from narcotic and alcohol addiction. The long-rage plan of BSP is to make Boksitogorsk city modern and wealthy, to make it's citizens be proud of their small motherland.


Production engineering

Proper organization chart is the key to efficient operation of the enterprise. It creates opportunities for high-performance workforce, high quality product release and the better use of resources of the enterprise.

BSP in it's activity applies to the following principles:

- discipline;

- creative approach for the business process ;

- non-waste production due to recycling;

- development of the derivative manufactures aimed to raw materials recycling rate increase;

- warehousing optimization;

- interconnected work of all production processes.


High-tech solutions

We use the most modern equipment for the production of silicates in BSP. The melting takes place in regeneration furnace with crescent-shaped buildup of the fire. One of the main characteristics that define the design principle of furnaces, is to provide a full thermodynamics furnace, without considering it as a separate part of structural design. Originally the furnace was designed in 3d program to define the geometry and materials for each component. Among other things this allowed to monitor and identify possible incompatibilities between parts of the structure of the furnace.

An air supply system for combustion consists of a special air duct and fan for feeding into the furnace the amount of air required for proper combustion. Burners are designed for installation under overhangs in the furnaces with crescent-shaped buildup of the fire. To achieve the required shape and length of the gas burner flame is split into two streams and fed into the reservoir in two concentric nozzles. The difference of the two pulse streams can adjust the shape and length of the flame. Regulators at the rear of the burner allows to regulate the flow pulses to achieve the most efficient operation of the furnace. Batch loader is designed to be mounted outside the furnace doghouse. Batch loader is equipped with a pusher and swing drives. The pusher is driven by the inverter and is controlled by a signal transmitter. Installation allows you to boot the charge in 3 different directions for a uniform distribution of the charge on the surface of the glass. An oscillating drive is controlled by the counting system and the control panel, so it is possible to set the frequency of pulsation pusher in each direction. The cooling system reduces the contact glass with refractory materials through enhanced convection. During the construction European quality refractories were used for furnace and through channel. Temperature in furnace is higher comparing to other similar manufactures in Russia, this allows as to gain minimum amount of insoluble residue content in silicates and therefore to achieve better quality.



Innovations were used in different parts of BSP organization, from design to finished goods off-loading.

For the pyroline, the latest developments of the following factories were used: “Steklomash” (Orel), “Gazapparat” (Kashira), “Metallurg-Ural” (Magnitogorsk). Together with them we found place for own unique developments such as distributing power tool, packing stand etc. The equipment not only corresponds to modern standards but was also developed and produced in Russian factories.

The most modern and efficient methods and regimes are used in multiple stage control systems for raw material quality, technological processes and final products, this allows us to lead BSP to a higher level, that provides a quality priority of our goods compared with similar products from other manufacturers in Russia and CIS countries.

Organized manufactur allows to retemper the composition of silicate lumps (soluble silicate), which is virtually impossible with other manufacturers, because of the volume of smelt. Our manufacturing could quickly switch from one product release to another, which is important in the present conditions of demand for these products. In addition, there will be launched a work for the production of liquid glass and their derivatives - sodium monohydrate (dry powdered water glass) and metasilicate - on the now available and put into service facilities. In addition, in the nearest future BSP plans to release microspheres and foam glass - materials commonly used in Russia and abroad as a heat insulating additives .


The efficiency (savings of resources, energy)

The company has carried out activities to ensure the increase of production efficiency in compliance with a high level of environmental safety.

The activities are following:

- Effective technological regimes of smelting products co-developing with Hungarian specialists
- Logistics optimization
- Optimization of the components storage and feed allows to reduce costs and time for raw materials dispatch, storage and feed (containers and mobile warehouses, air-assist, raw materials heating etc.)
- Initial components loss reduce and intermediate compositions (furnace charge) quality improvement due to efficient transport (specialized tubs, screws, etc.) and process equipment (mixer feeder charge, etc.)
- Quality control at all stages of processing of raw materials (own laboratory, development of regulations)
- The use of by-products
- The use of waste heat for further manufacture (installation of regeneration equipment on an existing furnace, development and installation of furnaces with similar devices)
- Re-melting of the waste (non-waste production)
- The use of exhaust gases for produce and package (in bombs) of carbon dioxide.
- Gauging water recycle
- The use of cullage for associated production of the building materials


Professional Management

Professional manager training in Russia, personnel re-orientation and professional development are the main problems in management. Professionalization is what makes management different from other forms of social control. Quality management system considers employees as one of the main resources. Not only quality system depends on employees work, but also efficiency, fitness to work and enterprise safety in total. People management is a key element in quality system. Employees are involved in all working processes, from the easiest ones to the most complicated and demanding. The more effective is people management, the more effective is enterprise's work.

In BSP we lay stress on present professional level of the employees and tireless education continuation to make the level higher. 100% of BSP management team have a higher technical education and have graduated from such famous universities as Polytechnic institute M.I.Kalinin, SPUACE and Baltic State Technical University D.F.Ustinov. Once a year employees sit a certification test. 20 year experience of engineers and technologists in silicate manufacture market lets us face the future positively.



At the design stage we payed attention to environmental compatibility of our plant. Strict requirements were presented for effluent treatment technology and sanitary protection zone. Institute of environmental and health research undertook the studies of raw and intermediate materials and fuel-gas emissions. Basing on these studies Certificate of environmental safety and Expert report for sanitary protection zone were issued. These two documents confirm positive findings for environmental compatibility of the plant.

In addition, we got positive findings from Culture committee of Leningrad region, Subsurface use department of Northwestern Federal District, EMERCOM (explosive objects availability), Committee of the use of the Neva Ladoga basin and others. Industrial security of BSP is approved by Certification from NGE “Ekspertproekt” (registered in Federal Service for Environmental, Technological, and Nuclear Supervision).

The company is constantly working on compliance and development of measures aimed at improving the environmental and industrial safety of our facilities. In order to clarify and prevent possible environmental dysfunctional situations that may affect the ecological change the background on the premises or adjoining areas, preventive work is being done regurarly with the staff of the plant. Similar work is being done for industrial production and personal security.